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What is the difference between a Photo Album and a Photo Book?

Photo Album and Photo Book may sound like an interchangeable term but they definitely are not.  There are a few very slight differences but also some very large differences.  Let’s first start out by saying I am only going to talk about the differences and similarities specific to the ones that we offer.  There are so many print labs out there that may define them in different ways so instead of confusing you and myself, I’ll stick to what I know best.  

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Photo Albums

I decided to start with the showstopper first.  Photo albums are the masterpieces you will find on our previous clients tabletops for all to see.  Couples invest in their wedding album knowing that it will be seen by everyone that comes through their home for years to come.  

Album Sizes – 8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, and 12” x 12”

Album Cover Material – Linen or Leather

Album Colors 

Linen – Black or Oatmeal

Leather – Black, White, Gray, Distressed Sand, Midnight Blue, Distressed Cappuccino

Album Pages – 20-50 thick pages

Photo Albums are a great investment for long term use because they are printed on super high quality photo paper and mounted to think pages that don’t bend or fade.  With the lay flat feature of the album you can print panoramic photos across the entire spread for a grand effect.  You have the option to finish off the album with embossing and foil stamping in a variety of colors.  

Photo Books

Photo books, while similar, have a much different purpose.  Photo books in the wedding industry are used mainly for sign in books for the day of the wedding.  They are bound more like traditional books and usually offer a full photo cover.  They are printed on very high quality paper but it is not photo paper.  They are better suited for writing on than the albums because the photo paper of albums will make the ink smear.

Book sizes – 5”x 7”, 8”x 8”, 8.5”x 11”, 10”x 10”, and 12”x 12”

Book cover material – Hardcover Photo

Book pages – up to 120 pages

Outside of using these for guest sign in books we also use these in our house to print yearly books for the kids.  They handle the abuse of the kids and are a smaller investment for something that may be destroyed by little hands or written on by guests at a wedding.  

The album has a more reflective surface because of the photo paper
Here you can see the difference in the thickness of the books.

There you have it, a simple breakdown of the differences.  Rue and I are here to help answer any and all questions you have about these things.  We keep trying to acquire more and more sample albums so we can share them with you at the reveal to give you every option.  We can’t wait to sit down with every client and design the perfect album or book.

Left – Photo Book, Middle – 8″ Linen Album, Right – 10″ Leather Album

Photo Albums vs Photo Books


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The Importance of Printing Your Wedding Photos

Anyone who has had a consult with us knows how we feel about printing your wedding photos after the big day but for those of you that haven’t heard our talk, here goes!

Rue and I have been married for a little over eight years at this point.  We printed a handful of photos in relatively small sizes from an online lab to hang on our wall.  We didn’t know much about printing or print labs at the time so we went with one of the first places we were able to find on Google.  We had the digital files of our photos so we didn’t think much of it.  Neither one of us felt it was important to get an album or go any further with print.  We thought we had what we needed.  We were never educated on the importance of this stuff.   

Flash forward a few years and the laptop that we had ALL of our wedding photos on started to have problems.  We had issues accessing the photos and could not find more than eight of them.  Our photographer didn’t offer any type of photo back-up so we didn’t have them anywhere else.  A few years and two kids later we found that old, broken, computer in our basement collecting dust.  I realized that we never actually got those photos off of the computer and that they were likely gone.  

I am no computer genius by any means but I was able to find the old downloads tucked far away in the corners of technology and extract them to our new computer.  So much stress was lifted off of my chest when it finally worked.  So many years had passed and the fear of losing them forever was now gone.  We backed them up the same way we do client photos so they are never going away.  

This experience has changed the way we look at physical items like prints and albums.  We want to educate every couple we work with about our mistakes and why printing is so important.  The grand photos we print now from a silly day at the park or the beach far exceed the quality of our wedding photos that we printed.  I love seeing my kids huge smiles in a 20”x24” frame on our wall but seeing Rue in her wedding dress in the same frame would make my soul happy.  

We have been offering some print items from the beginning but have just recently added frame collections as well.  We want to be that one stop shop to encourage as many people as possible to print their photos.  Those real moments that we capture deserve to be showcased on your walls and you deserve artwork that you can display for eternity.  

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Artwork For Your Walls