Preserving Your Investment

It is always fun hanging new photos on the wall. A new memory has been created, preserved, and now hung on the wall to tell the story for as long as it is there. The funny thing about these memories turned into art is that at different times in our lives different memories will hold more importance than others. Your life will change and so will the artwork you show off on your walls. As pets and kids get older the photos will be replaced with more current versions that hold more relevance in your current world.

The exception to this rule is wedding photos. Wedding photos don’t typically get updated because it is a one time event. There aren’t any newer versions to replace them with, I hope. That, to me, is the biggest reason why couples invest so much more into wedding photos than any other photos in their lives.

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Preserving these memories happens in many different ways. As you know, Rue and I preach backing your photos up in many different places. That is a big reason why we started including USB photo delivery, to add another layer of back-up on top of our cloud back-up we provide. One of the other preservation techniques is printing the photos that are most important to you.

There are many places to print photos but they are not all the same. Ensuring that your print company uses the highest quality photo paper is one of the most important steps. We have tried several different labs and have not been happy with the results until the lab we use now. They use high quality paper and printers to ensure that the photos can last 100 years or more without color loss or degrading.

Equally as important is mounting your photos the proper way. This is a several step process that can be very time consuming but it ensures that your photos are preserved the proper way and will reduce any problems later on. Simple things like the wrong tape can eat away at your photo over time or lose their adhesive qualities and drop the photo inside the frame.

Every collection that we provide comes with the photos you select mounted on proper, acid free backing with acid free tape and are finished with a dust cover to help keep your photo clean and clear for the next 100 years.

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