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We are a team of successful photographers that got into the wedding industry to 1. Meet cool people (like you!), 2. Create amazing and artful images of your lurrrrve stories, and 3. Leave couples and the generations after them with tangible memories that represent relationships and capture this moment in time.  

Rue originally founded Eight Hands Photography in 2018 as a side-hustle, nurturing her love for photography. She quickly realized that her passion for capturing human connection and real moments was the perfect recipe to shoot weddings and the authentic love stories of couples. Each member of the EHP team has years of experience as a photographer, each specializing in different areas of the craft. They were all authentically connected to Rue and are a core part of what make EHP's work so darn gorgeous!

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Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Growing up in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs has allowed us to know where all the special Chicago engagement photo locations are.  We have spots all over including the Chicago south suburbs, Chicago north suburbs, Chicago west suburbs, and plenty of downtown Chicago locations.  We have blogged about several Chicago area engagement locations that you can check out on our blog page but here are a few of our favorites! If you want our top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs go check out our awesome blog here.

The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue

Top Wedding Venues in the Chicago Suburbs

6 Chicagoland Engagement Photo Locations

All fresh as of 2023