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We are just four of the eight hands in eight hands photography. cora is rue's miniature mirror image, and cooper is the highly energetic terror that wants to be a dinosaur when he grows up. they keep us busy on our off time.  

Rue + Bryan

We are a husband + wife team that got into the wedding industry to 1. Meet cool people (like you!), 2. Create amazing and artful images of your lurrrrve stories, and 3. Leave couples and the generations after them with tangible memories that represent relationships and capture this moment in time.  

Rue has been in the photo industry for several years, but started out taking pictures of our growing family. Those family photos stemmed into taking pictures of other people's children and families. Today, our years of experience behind the camera serve as a foundation in providing beautifully composed photos that dig deep to the root of the connection and love between our couples. Bryan is our tech guy, who also does all things camera, off-camera lighting, computer and more (like literally being able to solve all of Rue's technical-related conundrums). Also, if you have a dog and you bring it to the shoot, he will likely take more dog photos than people photos - and who can seriously blame him?

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