Chicagoland Engagement Photo Locations

Engagement photos are often seen as a “tossed-in” item when choosing a wedding photographer. They should be so much more! The engagement process is the first step in a long road of planning one of the biggest days of your life, your wedding day. This journey should be celebrated, cherished, and remembered forever. Take the time and invest in your engagement photos in the same manner that you invest in your wedding photos. You deserve it! Also, our couples get a chance to get in front of the camera together. Often this is their first time to get a feel for what that’s like before their big day. So, let’s look at a few Chicagoland engagement photo locations by your favorite Chicago engagement photographers.

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Engagement Photos For Your Style

You have your own personality and style, of course. You probably have a vision for your engagement photo style. We also have our own style that we like to photograph. However, the options for styles, outfits, and locations are endless (and even overwhelming!). So let’s take some time to try and break them down a bit to make choosing a little easier.

Now, it’d be great if we could have an engagement session in a wooded city next to a grassland on the beach all while walking through an abandoned building. Unfortunately, Illinois doesn’t really offer that (if you know where this unicorn exists, please hit me up). Also, the great thing about all of the Chicagoland engagement photo locations in this blog is that you can change the vibe just by going from formal wear to a more casual look. I was going to dive into the specific on different clothing styles here but then I realized Rue should write that. I struggle to dress myself appropriately most days.

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Types of Chicagoland engagement photo locations:

  • Industrial
  • Cityscape
  • Beachfront
  • Grasslands
  • Home bodies
  • Woodsy

Industrial Engagement Photo Locations

The industrial look is trendy right now and can work with both fancy and a more casual look. The colors, the grit, and the just naturally tough look makes for some great photos. Take a look at the Fulton River District session we recently did.

Chicagoland Industrial Engagement Photos
Chicagoland Industrial Engagement Photos
Chicagoland Industrial Engagement Photos

Cityscape Engagement Photo Locations

We have this really cool spot that no one knows about. I’ll let you know since it’s just the two of us here. It’s called downtown Chicago. The opportunities are endless here because you can get 3-4 vibes just by walking 3-4 blocks. Our River North session was our favorite.

Chicagoland downtown engagement photos
Chicagoland downtown engagement photos

Beachfront Engagement Photo Locations

Beachfront engagement photos are some of my favorites. There is just something about a couple dressed to the nines with their shoes off kicking up sand that makes me smile for days. Also, warm, colorful sand and some of Chicagoland’s best sunsets are timeless photo backgrounds. We took these two lovebirds to Kemil Beach

Chicagoland beachfront engagement photos
Kemil Beach
Chicagoland beachfront engagement photos
Chicagoland beachfront engagement photos

Grassland Engagement Photo Locations

What does Illinois have an unlimited supply of? Grasslands. No matter where you live in the area, I can almost guarantee you there is a forest preserve with a beautiful prairie. They are super popular and really make photos pop with the colorful greens and flowers in the spring and summer. Also, they provide those warm color feels in the fall.

Home Bodies

We meet quite a few couples that just want to have their engagement photos in their natural habitat. If that describes you then this may be a good option for you. The comfort of being in your own space really seems to let people be themselves and open up for us.

Woodsy Engagement Photo Locations

Almost any time of the year is a great time to find a tree lined path or street. This makes for some really moody, romantic, and colorful engagement photos. Deep greens… Fall colors… Snow covered branches… You name it and it looks good in these locations. Further, woodsy engagement photos are great all times of year.

Chicagoland engagement photo locations
Morton Arboretum

These six basic locations/styles are pretty broad. You could break these down further and have subcategories. Also, being a little more vaggue allows for some flexibility to capture your engagement in multiple styles possibly in one location. Hopefully we have already chatted, and this is just helping you narrow down your style. If we haven’t let’s chat about what will work best for you and your vision. Also, we want your engagement photos to fit you and your style. Let’s make this happen together.

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Kemil Beach

Riverview Farmstead

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