River North Chicago Engagement

Cold weather… Flurries… Sleet…. Overcast skies….

None of this would have stopped Hailey and Andrew from joining us in River North for an amazing session with this beautiful backdrop. I have to admit I was cold, but I definitely wasn’t going to complain since Hailey was being such a trooper with a sleeveless dress. Getting to know these two was so much fun and really made this cold, wet weather much easier to handle.

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How did you meet? What was it like?

“We met at work when we were younger. Andrew and my mom worked together before I started there. Andrew had heard my mom listening to recordings of me singing and asked who she was listening to. My mom, later on, gave Andrew my phone number to try and play match maker. However, this only embarrassed me because I did not know him yet. When Andrew introduced himself, I brushed it off. This only made Andrew want to know me more. So, he began changing his schedule so he was my trainer. Since we spent so much time together, we really got to know one another, and then we began dating. My mom will still say it was her doing that we ended up together.”

Hailey and Andrew were amazing. They were constantly smiling and laughing with one another while just being super adorable. The love they have for each other was so clear in the way they interacted together. Hailey was constantly looking to touch Andrew and he was always reaching his hand out to help her when she needed it. They have been together five years and are getting married at the end of May at Silver Lake Country Club in Orland Park. It is really easy to do your job as an engagement and wedding photographer when the couples love for each is so natural like this.

What is your favorite date night like?

“We love to go out to La Mex for dinner, and to get our favorite strawberry mango margarita. It’s a pretty laid-back date night that we enjoy because it allows us to catch up on the little things that we might have missed out on one another because of how crazy life can get.”

Between the Chicago Riverwalk, The Merchandise Mart, and the Wells Street bridge this River North setting was perfect for an overcast Sunday afternoon engagement session. Sure, it rained, sleeted, and snowed all at the same time, but that didn’t stop us. Rue and I have a lot of fun shooting engagement sessions together because we can capture all these little moments in between when one of us is switching lenses or changing spots. It can be a lot more work but it really gives our clients a greater variety of photos, and who doesn’t want that?!

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

“We are both excited to read our own vows to one another, because we are writing them ourselves. This will be a very personal and emotional part of our big day that we have looked forward to for years.”

We loved hanging out with these two and I’m sure their wedding day will be just as magical. Congratulations you two, you truly are wonderful together.

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