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Should This Be Our New Favorite Location?

Colleen and Josh… there is so much I could say about these two, but none of which would describe how they made us feel as human beings. It took me the entire ride home to figure out the connection, the connection that made me feel drawn to Colleen. Rue was still giddy from this amazing session and talking about how much she loved spending time with them because they were so honest and real. That’s when it hit me, Colleen is just like Rue…. Honest…. Funny…. Beautiful…. Compassionate… and so many other wonderful things that I can’t even find the words to describe. 2020 has been a rollercoaster year and this was exactly what we needed to cap it off.

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How did you meet?

We met in HS when where we shared a US history class freshman year. We both felt it was wonderful to find a friend so quickly, even though we hadn’t shared any prior schooling together.

Colleen and Josh are having a destination wedding later next year (somewhere much warmer than Chicago) so winter engagement photos will be a great contrast to the tropical wedding photos.

What is your favorite date night like?

We are the ultimate homebodies. An ideal date night is grilling up our favorite food to enjoy. That’s typically followed by playing a game of some sort – some of our favorites are: dominoes, Yahtzee, chess, and euchre!

Rue and I have been eyeing the Fulton River District in downtown Chicago for engagement photos for quite some time. We wanted a place where we could capture everything the city offers, and this place did not disappoint. I know, I know, its December in Chicago and I should just move somewhere else if I am going to complain about the weather, but it was COLD!! I will say however, I learned a lesson from the last shoot and wore some warmer boots so I could actually feel my toes while driving home. I guess you just have to look at the positives.

What has been your favorite part about wedding planning?

Knowing that at the end of it all, we’ll be together with everyone we love on a beach in Mexico!

What would be your best advice you would give to newly engaged couples?

Enjoy your engagement! While wedding planning is not without its challenges, it’s an incredible opportunity to work as teammates and have fun with your partner.

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Engagement photography is all about capturing the love between two people, and there was certainly no shortage of genuine love and connection between Colleen and Josh. They had so much fun and showed off their goofy sides throughout. The funny poses, piggy back rides, dancing, and jumping…. That was all them, we did not prompt them to do those things! Just two real people being real. What’s not to love?

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