Snowy Fabyan Forest Preserve Engagement

I definitely miss summer the second it is gone.  I love the warm sunshine, a cool breeze off the water, and longer days.  Most of winter I just dream about the warmer months ahead.  Today, though, was different.  We met up with Nate and Samantha at Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva, Illinois for their engagement photo session at sunrise.  Yes, I said sunrise.  The timing was perfect with a little dusting of snow overnight that was untouched because it was so early and very few people were around. There were still flurries falling from the sky on this crisp morning.

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How did the two of you meet?

We met at work. Samantha would come down to my floor to consult with a supervisor and I would find an excuse to come talk to her. To make her laugh I would make up stories about a tattoo she has. She told me she got it day drinking with some friends. I was not her type at all but I laid the charm on her, and we soon went on our first date. It was fun and exciting and nerve wracking all in one. I like to think we both realized the potential of what could be which made it all the more exciting and scary!

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These two couldn’t decide between doing an in-home engagement session or at the forest preserve so we decided to do both.  It was great to be able to spend time outside capturing these moments and then drive to a warm house to get the more intimate feels that we love to have in all of our photos.  

Fabyan Forest Preserve Engagement Photos

What is your favorite date night like?

Our favorite date nights include going to a nice restaurant with some good food and wine, or staying in and ordering a pizza, watching a movie, and drinking wine. Pretty much as long as we have wine, we’re having a good time.

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

Being able to celebrate the love and life we’ve created with our family and friends, and just being able to let loose.

We definitely enjoy doing upgraded engagement sessions in the Chicago area because it’s so much fun getting the different looks that come with it and we get to spend more time with our couples.

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