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Chicago Wedding Photography


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Choosing the best Chicago wedding photography team for your wedding is something only you can do. What is best for one person may not be the best for you. There are many pieces that need to fit in this puzzle to make sure you get exactly what you want and need. Follow the steps below to make sure you get everything that is right for you.

There are so many Chicago suburbs and City of Chicago photography teams that offer wedding and engagement packages. This process can be overwhelming to brides and grooms. We totally get that. So we created this guide to help take some stress off of you. Your wedding photos will be hung on your wall for your lifetime and passed down for generations to come. Let’s find out how to pick the best Chicago wedding photography for your wedding.

Planning the rest of your wedding day helps to create the perfect day. Photography is the only preservation of the day. Many couples forget parts of their wedding day or don’t even know some of it happened. The best wedding photographers in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs will make sure that no moment is missed!

Chicago Wedding Photography

We broke down how to choose a Chicago wedding photographer into 7 steps below. We get a lot more detailed into each step later in the post.

7 Steps to Choosing The Best Chicago Wedding Photography

  1. Find your style
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Search multiple platforms & check reviews
  4. Make a favorites list
  5. Contact photographers about availability
  6. Ask questions!
  7. Secure your photographer

Let’s chat about your wedding plans!

1. Finding Your Wedding Photography Style

Style is so important when searching for a photo team for your wedding day. Style comes from many different factors and is usually what catches your eye first. The photographers style is the culmination of brightness, color profiles, and their approach to the day. You may not know right away which of these speaks to your wedding photography soul but the Chicago area and Chicago suburbs offers every combination.

Style is like your personality, it can’t really be changed. We have had a few people in the past say, “We love you guys but want brighter photos, can you do that?” The answer to that is complex. As a fine art wedding photographer our style/personality is what drives us to create incredible products. Also, trying to change that may not give you what you want in the end.

Style – Brightness

The brightness of the style sets a certain mood right from the start. There are some wedding and engagement photographers that stay on the side of brighter photos. Some that stay on the darker side. The brighter photos are typically called light and airy while the darker styles are called dark and moody. Photos that go too bright tend to have “blown out” skies and bright spots. Darker photos can have dark shadows with limited details seen in the shadows. Also there is a middle ground here but most photographers lean a little to one side.

Style – Color Profiles

Certain times of the year give you different colors. Fall gives you all the browns and fall foliage. Also, spring and summer the greens and florals. Finally, winter more barren, darker, or snow covered moods. While these can’t really be changed the wedding and engagement photography team has some ability to alter them in the editing process. Each person adjusts the colors to be more appealing. We lean more toward the warm, yellow colors and deep greens. Again, this is something that isn’t right or wrong. It is just what you like.

Style – Approach – Chicago Wedding Photography

In my opinion, the approach is one of the most important aspects when choosing a photo or video team for your special day. There are a ton of different approaches. I will just stick with the main ones like traditional, artistic, candid, and documentary.


The traditional approach is the standard amongst big companies with many different photographers. This approach keeps everything systematic and consistent. Also, it includes mostly set up wedding day shots and posed portraits while capturing the important moments in a systematic way.


The artistic approach is similar to the traditional approach due to its less candid nature. Artistic photos will usually include a grand background with some flair. The Chicago bridge and groom are still the focus. Emphasis is placed on an incredible pose in an amazing location. Chicago artistic wedding photography is so much fun downtown with the tall skyscrapers and old buildings.

Chicago Illinois Wedding Photos


The candid approach leaves all of the posing behind. There are no set up shots and the moments are captured as is. This is a great way to re-tell the story of the day through photos. Candid photos capture all of the important moments as they happen.


The photojournalistic approach is still candid but with a little more focus on the totality of the event. This approach captures the important moments happening but also the little moments at the same time. This may be the mother of the bride wiping a tear during vow exchanges. Also, it could be a family member leaning into the isle during the first kiss. Approaching Chicago wedding photography in this way gives the bride and groom an incredible look back into everything that happened during the day.

Wedding Photos
Artistic Windy City Wedding Photos

2. Determine Your Budget

Budget time is a very important step in the wedding planning process in general. Choosing the right Chicago engagement and wedding photography team to capture your wedding day may mean checking the overall wedding financials. Most of us don’t have unlimited income or the ability to choose without thinking about money.

Typically Chicago suburbs weddings will be cheaper than weddings in the City of Chicago but that is not always true. You can find anything to fit your budget needs.

Something we always like to remind couples about, your wedding photos and wedding videography are some of the only records of your Chicago wedding. You will remember the big moments for long time but the little details are so easy to forget about. Every couple needs to think about the importance of the day. Invest in photo and video at a level that is appropriate to you.

3. Search Multiple Platforms and Check Reviews

I know I am not the only one that scrolls right past the first three Google results. These are typically ads. You and I are the same, we don’t like to pick a wedding photographer based on paid ads. This is the time to do your homework. Really into who the people are behind the companies that you love. There are several places to find reviews when it comes to Chicago wedding photography services. Google, The Knot, WeddingWire, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the few in the Chicagoland area I would try first.

Many wedding photographers pay to be on sites like The Knot and WeddingWire. However, the reviews are real and give insight into how real clients feel after working with this company. Use social media reviews as a chance to get real names and contact previous clients. You can also ask the photographers based in Chicago if you can speak with some of their past clients.

4. Make a Chicago Wedding Photography Favorites List

So, you have determined your style, figured out your budget, and begun your search for the perfect wedding photographer based in Chicago. Let’s start making a list of our favorites based on the information we know so far. Your wedding day photography team favorites list will help guide you through the remainder of the process.

You should reach out to at least 3-5 photographers in Chicago and the suburbs. This will give you plenty of options to chose from once you start checking availability. If you are less than a year out form your special day you may want to check availability first. We have plenty of clients that are trying to book Chicago wedding photography companies a year and a half out.

5. Contact Photographers About Availability

This probably seems self explanatory but it serves multiple purposes. Checking their availability is an important step. However, it is not the only thing that should be taken away from this interaction. You will reach out to the company on whatever medium suits you. I prefer to reach out to vendors directly on their website. This lets them respond without having to go through another platform.

You can judge a lot by this first interaction. First, how responsive are they to your inquiry? Second, are they actually available for your date? Third, how do you feel about their response? Human beings are pretty good about figuring people out right away. Was the first impression a good one?

I won’t give away all of our secrets but Rue and I love getting to know people. This whole process of meeting brides and grooms in Chicago helps us reach more people. Also, we love being a major part of their lives. We are the Chicago wedding photography team that they are choosing to capture their day. Our work provide memories for the rest of their lives. It is a huge task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I say all that to say. Make sure they provide a first impression that makes you feel good about getting to know them. You have to trust your wedding photographers.

6. Ask Questions

Hopefully by now you are in a consult with an engagement and wedding photographer from your favorites list. We feel that Zoom or in-person consults are so important. You can not relay all of the important information necessary in a PDF or phone call. You should be able to see your photographers face and have fluid conversation. That last part is a very important part to remember. You need to see your photographers face. Not the owner of the company or some booking agent.

They are not the ones you are putting your trust in. You need to see the wedding photographer that will be capturing your wedding day. Do not fall for a bait and switch.

Consult Questions

Come prepared to this meeting with all of the important questions! You probably have a ton of your own questions. We will provide you with some extras just in case you need it. Make sure that there will be a contract prepared and signed by both parties. Also, be clear about payment deadlines and what happens if either party needs to back out of the contract. Ensure that you will have all the rights to your photos in high resolution and low resolution, or web size. Do they offer wedding albums? Will they travel outside of the Windy City if necessary?

Talk about pricing for add-ons and what happens if you want to add something on later. Does the price change later or is it cheaper to add on to a package now? Do you want a photo booth? Do they provide wedding videography as well? When will your photos be delivered and how? Have they shot at your wedding venue before? Also, do you get engagement photos? Lastly, what about rehearsal dinner coverage?

These are just a few questions that can help you navigate the process and compare each Chicago wedding photography company. Obviously, there will be others you can add. Especially if you start taking more specific items like engagement sessions or print items. Overall, make sure they are completely transparent with you. Again, you need to trust them and feel comfortable. Chicago and Chicago suburbs wedding photography companies can help you through it all.

7. Secure Your Photographer

Woohoo! You made it! Now is the time to dot all of the I’s and cross all of the T’s. Enjoy a glass of champagne or wine and celebrate. You found your Chicago wedding photography team to capture your big day! If you have any further questions do not be afraid to ask them.

IMPORTANT! Read through the entire contract and make sure that everything you talked about is in writing. If promises were made, they should be in the contract. Sometimes it is not intentional, it just didn’t make it in for whatever reason. If they won’t add it in the contract, I would be weary. Double check invoices and payment due dates and relax knowing you made the right decision.

Final Thoughts – Chicago Wedding Photography

You made it through the list. Again, your wedding photography team based in Chicago will be THE documentation of your wedding day. Taking the time to find your style, determine your budget, check multiple platforms and reviews, make a favorites list, check availability, ask questions, and secure your wedding photographer will make sure that you get everything that you want. Also, extra leg work in the beginning will help make your wedding day less stressful in the end.

You can now start making your family portrait list, your photo Pinterest board. Also figure out where you are going to hang those beautiful wedding photos.

Let’s chat about your Chicago wedding plan and work together!

If you need help finding your ideal engagement locations check out our blog here!

Eight Hands Weddings – Wedding Photography in Chicago Illinois and The Suburbs

Eight Hands Wedding Photography

Choosing The Best Chicago Wedding Photography

West Town Chicago Wedding ceremony


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Lauren and Alex took on the tall task of planning their industrial Chicago wedding from start to finish. They leaned on some friends and family when they needed and came out with an incredible result.

Bridge 410 Chicago ended up being the perfect place for the entire wedding ceremony and reception to take place. Also, the exposed brick, views of the old Paulina Street Bridge, and concrete floors created a vibe anyone looking to plan an industrial Chicago wedding would love.

Chicago Industrial Wedding
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Chicago Wedding Getting Ready Photos

The day started off with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready at Bridge 410 and the groom and groomsmen at one of the many nearby hotels. One of my favorite parts about this industrial Chicago wedding was the incredible bridal suite that took up the entire second floor of the venue.

First Look and Portraits

Finding a first look spot in this West Town Chicago area was easy due to all of the old buildings and vines growing everywhere. One of the best parts about the city is the endless supply of wedding photo opportunities. Then we took the bride and groom around the area to some our favorite spots to capture some incredible portraits.

Chicago Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

The Windy City offers some incredible views form pretty much anywhere in the city. Whether you are looking for skyline views, old buildings, amazing architecture, or even some green space, Chicago has it all. This particular Chicago wedding venue in West Town features up close views of the old Paulina Street Bridge for your ceremony background.

Industrial Chicago Wedding Reception

Moving inside you will find exposed brick, old wood, stained concrete floors, and modern light fixtures that complete this Chicago industrial wedding venue. With multiple areas to host your guests there is sure to be enough space and fun for everyone.

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Industrial Chicago Wedding

Warehouse 109 Plainfield

Wedding Venue

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Warehouse 109 is a unique wedding venue in the Chicago southwest suburb of Plainfield. It is about 45 minutes outside Chicago but brings the city vibes inside the venue. Plainfield, Il actually has a few wedding venues with their own unique styles, but this one raises the bar. Warehouse 109 puts a vintage twist into an industrial space to make it a one of a kind venue. Additionally, this Plainfield, Il wedding venue can serve up to 200 guests in its unique and spacious event space.

Warehouse 109 Wedding Photos
Warehouse 109 Wedding Photos

Warehouse 109 Wedding Event Pricing – 2021

Monday – Thursday – $3,000

Friday – $4,000

Saturday – $5,450

Sunday – $3,500

Also, holidays are available at an extra cost.

Included in the Warehouse 109 rental cost are:

  • Exclusive day of access
  • Help with layout
  • On-site venue manager
  • Before and after cleaning
  • Parking for 120 vehicles
  • Wifi
  • Vintage bar
  • Gallery of Antique Motorcycles
  • 200 black folding chairs
  • (6) 6′ guest tables
  • (24) 8′ guest tables
  • 22 round guest tables
  • 5 high top tables
  • 3 buffet tables
  • Farmhouse table
  • Drafting table
  • Round white table
  • Decorative shopping cart
  • Small red base table
  • 4 outdoor lounge chairs
  • 2 outdoor side tables
  • Chalk board nook
  • As well as, Outdoor sink table

Optional extras include:

  • Bar service packages
  • 100 white garden chairs
  • Ceremony benches
  • Arched arbor
  • Beer garden tables and chairs
  • Birdcage
  • Marquee letters
  • Vintage cake stands
  • 2 gas heaters
  • Candle votives
  • Outdoor bar cart
  • Tattoo bar cart
  • Kraft paper table runners
  • Balloons
  • 12’x12′ stage
  • 10’x10′ tent
  • Linens
  • Finally, Bridal suite

The Spaces

Plainfield’s Warehouse 109 has a main event space, courtyard area, a bridal suite as well as an outdoor ceremony location. These spaces have been put together with such attention to detail. We really just need to take the time to describe each one separately.

Warehouse 109 Plainfield Courtyard

The outdoor space includes 2,000 square feet of space for cocktail hour or reception space. Before entering into the courtyard at Warehouse 109, there is an old pick-up truck and a camper that have been restored. These items are details that make great wedding photo backgrounds at Warehouse 109. Walking under the archway and into the courtyard you are immediately drawn to the 1958 Airstream parked to the side. Also, with doors and windows wide open, it welcomes you in for a seat. Couches on either end and chairs in the middle make the space ideal for guests. They can hang out when they just want to get away from the party for a bit. Obviously, it also makes for some great Warehouse 109 wedding photos.

The courtyard includes a fire pit and string lights but most of the outdoor seating is extra. Also, there are many other items can be added on to furnish the outdoor space. Refer to the included items and add-on items in the list above.

Warehouse 109 Bridal Suite

The bridal suite is described as a comfortable and convenient place for everyone in the bridal party. There is plenty of space to get together and get ready for the wedding day. Also, the space includes a kitchen, private bathroom, living room, dining table, and fireplace. Further, this is a great space for Warehouse 109 wedding photos. Especially while the hair stylist and makeup artists are helping to get the bridal party ready. An important note, the bridal suite is an optional extra when renting Warehouse 109. Included in the rental is access up until the reception, golf cart transport, and the first bottle of champagne. Finally, no outside alcohol is allowed but wine and champagne are available for purchase by the bottle.

Ceremony Space

The ceremony space at Warehouse 109 Plainfield is a stand alone area. It is a short walk across the parking lot but nestled in a wooded space. Equally important, a paver walkway leads back to an area lined with trees and very detailed landscaping. It provides the lush and private spot for a perfect Plainfield, Il wedding ceremony.

Wedding Reception Space

The wedding event space can host up to 150 guests for a seated dinner but their website also states it can go up to 200 guests for wedding receptions. Also, warehouse 109 has 4,000 square feet of interior event space in its Plainfield, Il location and includes a very unique vintage motorcycle gallery wall and a vintage bar. Additionally, small touches throughout make the space including the high top tables, farmhouse tables, and chalkboard nook for welcoming your guests. Finally, large wood pillars line the inside of the Plainfield, Il wedding venue and patio string lights provide the perfect setting for great Warehouse 109 wedding photos.

Warehouse 109 Plainfield Wedding Highlights

There is a ton of info about this venue in this post. So let’s break it down to just the important stuff to sum this whole page up. For example, this Plainfield, Il wedding venue has a ton of optional extras available to make the space unique to you and your significant other. Also, the wedding venue can host up to 200 guests and they provide the bar service through optional packages. Food can be brought in as long as it is approved by the management. Moreover, the outdoor spaces are great and the indoor space gives plenty of space for a your wedding.

The Chicago area has a ton to offer when it comes to unique wedding venues. So, if you are looking in the southwest suburbs Warehouse 109 is totally worth checking out to see if it is the right place for you and your partner. Also, Warehouse 109 cost is affordable and gives you plenty of extras to choose from.

Furthermore, head on over to their website to get more info.

In addition to, you can shoot them an email at or call them at (815) 556-9553

Also, they are located at: 14903 S. Center Street #109, Plainfield, Il 60544

Finally, if you are unsure or want to check out some other venues head on over to our Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs Blog or the Venues Page. We are updating as fast as we find cool places!

Eight Hands Photography – Chicago Wedding Photographers

Warehouse 109 Plainfield

Bridge 410 Chicago

Wedding Venue

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Chicago is home to an incredible number of wedding venues so sometimes it is hard to find one that sticks out. Bridge 410 Chicago is one of those venues that definitely separates itself from the others. If you are looking for an incredible wedding venue in West Town, Chicago, look no further.

If you are looking for some other ideas, go check out our Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs!

Bridge 410 Chicago
Bridge 410 Chicago Wedding Venue

Bridge 410 Chicago Wedding Pricing

According to their website currently, Bridge 410 prices vary by day of the week.

Weekdays – $3,000

Fridays & Sundays – $5,000

Saturdays & holidays – $7,000

All of this includes:

  • Pre & Post Cleaning
  • 160 birch wood folding chairs
  • (20) 8 foot folding tables 
  • (4) 6 foot folding tables 
  • 13 Industrial Highboys
  • Assorted Industrial Cabaret Tables
  • 32 Industrial Metal Chairs
  • Indoor Lounge Grouping
  • Outdoor Lounge Grouping
  • Outdoor Picnic Tables
  • 2 Portable Bars
  • 2 Marble Buffets
  • 3 Propane Outdoor Heaters
  • 2 Wedding Arch options 
  • Chalk Board Wall
  • Coat Racks and Hangers

Optional games and add ons include:

  • 1 Giant Jenga
  • Cornhole Set
  • 1 Foosball Table
  • Ring Toss
  • Yardzee
  • Washers
  • Add on option: Portable American Bocce Courts

Bridge 410 Location

Bridge 410 wedding venue is located at 410 North Paulina by Chicago’s Brewery district in West Town. Situated between Kenzie and Hubbard on Paulina, Bridge 410 offers parking on site as well as plenty of free parking around the neighborhood.

This West Town Chicago wedding venue opened in 2017 and features tons of exposed brick throughout. Bridge 410 definitely gives you that industrial modern feel with the updates they have made. It has been well decorated with rustic and modern pieces to complete the unique space.

Bridge 410 includes The Wedding Suite, The Carriage House, The Loft and The Backyard. They can comfortably accommodate between 150-200 guests depending on the layout.

The Wedding Suite

The Wedding Suite at Bridge 410 is insanely huge. For instance, it is 1,000 sq ft and includes bathrooms as well as a full kitchen. Chic furniture, a ten foot mirror, and a walkout balcony complete the space and make it the ultimate getting ready spot for the bridal party.

The Carriage House

The Carriage house is the main wedding reception area. It was originally built to be a storage location for horse drawn carriages in the early 1900’s. Exposed brick lines the walls and the exposed ceilings are highlighted by modern industrial chandeliers. The room is long and offers a ton of different layout options. The total indoor space is around 4500 sq. ft. with all of the different areas. The carriage house also leads to The Loft and The Backyard spaces.

West Town Chicago Wedding ceremony

The Loft Space

The loft space at Bridge 410 wedding venue is one of the most versatile spaces. This space can be a dance floor, cocktail hour area, game room, bar area, social hangout, entrance space, or any other space you can dream up. The loft above the space gives you even more room for entertaining.

The Backyard

The Backyard at Bridge 410 Chicago wedding venue is a massive 4000 sq. ft. space with amazing views of the old Paulina Street Bridge. It is the backdrop for every outdoor wedding ceremony. The space has plenty of space for dancing, bar areas, and full bands. Make sure to take advantage of the balcony for some incredible pictures while you are there.

You get so much bang for your buck at Bridge 410 and the atmosphere provides some of the most amazing wedding day photos that Chicago has to offer. We have some super secret engagement session locations and bridal portrait areas in that area as well. That makes it super easy to sneak out for 30-45 minutes to capture the essence of the city in your bridal portraits while getting something that no one else has.

Let’s chat to talk about your day and get things rolling!

If you are ready to check out Bridge 410 in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood contact them here to set up a tour!

Bridge 410 is located at

410 N. Paulina

Chicago, IL 60622

Call them at (407) 701-0883

or email :

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Bridge 410 Chicago Wedding Venue

The Farmhouse Plainfield Details


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We met Angie and Jose in the beginning of the year to start talking about their rustic farmhouse wedding plans. Their laid back vibes and detail oriented approach to wedding planning made us an easy fit for one another. The couple’s primary focus was enjoying the day with their closest family and friends.

When they said they were planning to have their wedding at The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue we knew everything was going to be incredible. The rustic wedding venue in Plainfield, IL has made a couple other appearances on your blogs including The Farmhouse Plainfield and Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs.

Details | Plainfield IL Rustic Farmhouse Wedding

Getting Ready & First-Touch | Plainfield IL Rustic Farmhouse Wedding

The Farmhouse Plainfield makes it easy to get great “getting ready” photos. This couple decided to go with a first touch instead of a first look. I think they were able to get everything they wanted for their rustic farmhouse wedding.

Ceremony | Plainfield IL Wedding

Portraits | Plainfield IL Wedding

Reception | Plainfield IL Wedding

You should go check out The Farmhouse Plainfield for your rustic farmhouse wedding!

If you are looking for more options head on over to our Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs

Let’s chat to go over your photography plans!

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Elegance at a Rustic Farmhouse Wedding

The Farmhouse Plainfield top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs


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What makes a venue one of the top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs? We go to so many places and meet so many people own a regular basis. For us, people make a huge difference in how we feel about a location. However, the aesthetics, options available, pricing, and guest experience have huge impact on the bride and groom’s decision when choosing the one of the top wedding venue in the Chicago suburbs.

The city has so much to offer but also still falls short in so many places. Commuting around in the city is always a chore. Also, Parking is never cheap and almost always hard to come by. Then there is that additional price tag added on just for being in the good old Chicago zip code. Move your wedding out to the Chicago suburbs and the cost comes down. Hotels are more affordable, parking is easy, and everything is much more accessible for most guests.

More and more incredible wedding locations are popping up in the Chicago suburbs. Here are some of our favorite wedding venues in the suburbs.

Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs:

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs

We did a whole blog post just on how incredible this place is. Go check that out! The Farmhouse Plainfield can accommodate up to 200 guests and has a ton of great Google reviews. The property features a large main event building, bridal suite, groomsmen suite, outdoor ceremony and patio area, multiple bars, multiple outbuildings for anything your mind can imagine, and some of the best natural landscaping any wedding venue around.

The staff here is super accommodating and has been nothing but great to us. Go check out Farmhouse if you are looking to have your wedding in the Chicago suburbs. It surely will not disappoint!

The Farmhouse Plainfield top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs

Morton Arboretum | Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs

Morton Arboretum, do I need to say anything else? Because of Morton Arboretum’s large size, we used to get lost on the property. I feel like every time I go there I find some new spot that I have never seen before. Every season brings new life.

Morton Arboretum is rated 4.8 on The Knot and listed as a moderate cost. They have several spots for ceremonies to take place but can handle up to 300 guests in the larger facility. The natural beauty of the location makes it so easy to find several great locations for couples photos after the ceremony. Here is a link to their pricing sheet for your reference.

Morton Arboretum Wedding top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs

Fishermen’s Inn | Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs

Fishermen’s Inn is located in Elburn. It could be a bit of a drive for some but would be well worth checking out. The times that we have shot at Fishermen’s Inn we noticed that the staff takes a lot of pride in their facility. They are always willing to help make the bride and groom’s day as special as possible.

Fishermen’s Inn has a 4.9 star rating on The Knot. They are listed as a moderate cost and can host up to 300 guests. Fishermen’s Inn is described as rustic and elegant as well as naturally beautiful. That coupled with exquisite cuisine and top notch professional services makes it a must check out location for brides and grooms in the area.

Fishermen's Inn Wedding Venue top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs

The Brix on The Fox

The Brix Carpentersville is located in the fox valley. It is known for having incredible flexibility in its two separate wedding venue spaces. They can accommodate up to 320 guests in the industrial modern wedding venue. The prime location offers easy access to highways and any hotel accommodations you need.

Head on over to our blog for all of the pricing information and real wedding photos.

The Brix Carpentersville

Warehouse 109 | Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs

Warehouse 109 is in the heart of Plainfield. I like this area due to the very popular downtown area. Also the close proximity to highways and Naperville and Joliet make it convenient for visitors. There are plenty of hotels, bars, and restaurants for guests to stay overnight as well as party before and after.

Warehouse 109 is a smaller boutique venue that can handle up to 150 guests. They are also listed as being a moderate cost on The Knot and have a ton of really great reviews. Their starting price for a Friday is right around $4000.00. Here is a quick link to their current pricing sheet.

Whitetail Ridge | Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs

Whitetail Ridge is another Western suburb gem. This one lands you all the way out in Yorkville. This golf course wedding venue boasts a combination of rustic feels, as well as elegance touches. There are so many photo opportunities including a white barn, an s-shaped bridge, lush forests and open fields.

They are listed on The Knot as affordable. They can handle more than 300 guests. So if you need a large venue, this could be the one for you. They have an incredible 4.7 star rating and the ceremony site cost starts at $750.00. All other costs depend on the package selected and number of guests. Here is a link to their pricing information.

Whitetail Ridge Wedding Venue top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs

Chicago Marriott Naperville | Best Wedding Venues in Chicago Suburbs

We recently shot a wedding at the Chicago Marriott Naperville after the ceremony in downtown Geneva. There is definitely a benefit to having your wedding at a larger venue attached to a hotel. Naperville wedding venues have the added benefit of being close to the highway and downtown Naperville. All of your guests can stay in a room right on site and you don’t have to worry about traveling or people driving when they shouldn’t. It is a well oiled machine. Hotels are also usually all-inclusive.

The Chicago Marriott Naperville has a 4.7 rating on The Knot. Also, it is listed as moderate cost and can accommodate over 300 guests. The ceremony sites start at $300.00 and the per person cost for the reception starts at $85.00. All the pricing information can be found on our blog about the venue.

Chicago Marriott Naperville
Interior photo of Chicago Marriott Naperville Wedding reception

Gathering Barn | Top Wedding Venues

The Gathering Barn is not considered a Chicago suburb wedding venue but I still wanted to add it to the list. This one is up in Fort Atkinson Wisconsin and set on a farm. The staff there has always been super helpful and willing to make anything happen. They off a separate bridal suite and groomsmen’s suite for all the getting ready needs. The Gathering Barn is well landscaped. Also, it has a ton of different locations for all the photography needs.

The Gathering Barn has a 5.0 star rating on The Knot and is listed as an affordable wedding venue. They can accommodate more than 300 guests and have a ton of parking right on site. If you are up in the Wisconsin area and looking for a great wedding venue, go check them out. We already wrote a great blog specifically on this venue. Here it is! There are plenty of rustic wedding venues chicago and Wisconsin have to choose from.

The Gathering Barn Wedding Venue top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs
Outside building at The Gathering Barn Wedding venue
Interior Photo of The Gathering Barn Wedding Venue
Wedding reception at the Gathering Barn Wedding Venue

Medinah Country Club | Top Wedding Venues

Medinah Country Club wedding venue is one of those places that will take your breath away from the second you drive onto the property. The grounds are so well maintained and the venue is incredibly large. We have had nothing but great experiences there.

Medinah can handle up to 250 guests and is listed as being a moderate cost on The Knot. They are able to handle everything on site including full planning and all meals. They boast a 4.9 star rating and their pricing information can be found here.

Outdoor view of Medinah Country Club wedding Venue top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs

Bridge 410 Chicago

I get it….. This West Town Chicago venue is not in the suburbs. However, I figured since it is not downtown and I love it so much I just needed to put it in here. They converted an old carriage house into an incredible wedding venue with all the amazing updates you could ask for. This place deserved an entire blog post dedicated just to itself so go over and check that out.

As Chicago wedding photographers we know you will not be let down by this place!

West Town Chicago Wedding ceremony
West Town Chicago Wedding ceremony

Westin Chicago Northwest Weddings

The western suburbs seem to be a hot spot for great wedding venues. I have so many more I need to add here and plan to do so over the next few months. There are several advantages to having your wedding at a hotel. You can get ready, get married, party, and stay the night all in one spot. I know this type of place is not for everyone but some go above and beyond. The Westin Chicago Northwest wedding venue is definitely one of them. The grand hotel lobby and incredible ballrooms give you the flexibility and sophistication your wedding needs. Go check out our blog about the place for an extensive wedding gallery.

The Westin Chicago Northwest


No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find a top wedding venue in the Chicago suburbs. We like going to a venue that we have shot at before, it’s comfortable. However we love going to new places and discovering new things. We will try to keep this updated and moved around as we find more places that just speak to us and that we think you will love. You will find some affordable wedding venues Chicago has to offer and some a little higher end. Head on over to our gallery page for some more inspiration during your search.

The Chicago suburbs have so much to offer. There are wedding venues to suit all of your needs.

Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs

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Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs

The Farmhouse Plainfield


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The first thing most couples do when they get engaged is pick a potential wedding date. Next, they start the search for the perfect wedding venue. Some couples even have their dream wedding venue picked out prior to the engagement. You can do anything from all-inclusive to pick your every detail with separate vendors. Either way, most brides and grooms start their wedding vision at the physical location where their wedding will take place. That’s where The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue comes in.

We want to capture your day at The Farmhouse Plainfield IL! Let’s chat!

The Farmhouse Plainfield
The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue Reception Area

The Farmhouse Plainfield

The Farmhouse Plainfield IL wedding venue sits on 10 acres of land in Plainfield, Illinois. The grounds are so meticulously maintained that I feel you don’t even need to bring in many floral decorations. They have taken so much time to plan and make the space perfect from any angle. It really is a wedding photographers dream.

The 10 acre property includes:

  • Main event space for up to 200 guests
  • Indoor & outdoor access to the bar
  • Multiple outdoor fireplaces
  • Second bar building
  • Massive outdoor patio areas
  • An incredible outdoor ceremony location
  • Bridal Suite
  • Groom’s suite
  • Multiple rustic buildings

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Bride & Grooms suite

Bridal Suite

The bridal suite is an expansive space set up just for that. Salon style chairs with a full wall of mirrors make this the perfect spot for every bride, bridesmaid, and every other person involved to get ready. Also, access to a beautiful outdoor patio gives you that space to relax. You need this before one of the busiest and best days of your life. Since we are always looking at things from the photography eye, I should take the time to say that the amount of natural light in the suite makes our lives so much easier and your photos that much better!

Farmhouse Plainfield Bridal Suite

Groom’s suite

So many wedding venues have great bridal suites, but so many forget to take care of the guys too. The Farmhouse did not forget the guys when they planned their space. They have the entire second floor of the original farmhouse on the property. When I walked into the space you could tell they took a lot of time to make it incredible. When you walk up to the second floor you have access to three large rooms and a massive full bathroom with a shower. The rooms are set up with great natural light coming through the windows as well as that perfect lounge feel for the guys to get ready and relax before the wedding begins.

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Outdoor Ceremony

The ceremony is where it all starts. This is probably where the bride and groom will see each other for the first time, where they will say I do, and where they will be announced for the first time as mr. and mrs. That, to me, makes this one of the most important spaces when planning your wedding. Outdoor ceremonies are definitely my favorite. You can’t beat the light that the sun provides. The Farmhouse has that same mentality, it’s obvious in their design of the space. From the stone pavers, to the massive fireplace as a centerpiece, to the beautiful landscaping, every angle looks like a fairytale wedding.

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Outdoor Grounds

If you aren’t careful you could probably spend an entire wedding just walking around the property admiring all of the flowers, trees, and rustic buildings The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue has to offer. We have seen the outbuildings used as cigar bars, bars, and just general hangout spaces. The possibilities seem unlimited. With all of the fireplaces, patio string lights, and outdoor sitting areas we have seen a lot of the guests end up spending their evening enjoying the outdoors.

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Reception Space

The main event building is a massive 7000 square foot building with room for up to 200 guests to sit and eat. Enormous sliding barn doors lead into a space with so many windows and incredibly tall ceilings that impress everyone when they first walk in. There is plenty of space for everyone to sit and still have a dance floor where everyone can enjoy their night. Food can be served from their gourmet chef’s kitchen area so you don’t have to take up your party space and the massive bar keeps all of the guests well hydrated.

Time to plan

The staff at The Farmhouse Plainfield Il is available for continuous cleaning during your event. Wedding stylist/coordinators are available to make your day perfect. It’s obvious that the owner loves his facility and cares about the couples because he is usually on site the day of the event. You don’t get those personal touches everywhere.

The Farmhouse Plainfield Il is a wedding photographers ideal place to capture a wedding.

You really should take the time to consider having your wedding at The Farmhouse!

For all The Farmhouse Plainfield pricing or The Farmhouse Plainfield cost just reach out to them.

Let’s set up a time to talk so we can be there with you!

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The Farmhouse Wedding Venue, 12729 Naperville Rd, Plainfield, IL 60585

Go and give them a call at (815) 210-2980 and book with them soon! I am sure their 2022 and 2023 wedding dates are booking up extremely fast!

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The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue

Chicago Wedding Photo


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Elopements are unique in todays world. There is a constant want for these massive parties with all the bells and whistles. Elopements take the outside pressure off and just concentrate on the couple and what they are there for, each other. Without the pressure of a prefect party and 300 happy guests they can truly be with one another and create a meaningful intimate ceremony. I love huge weddings, but I also love these intimate events.

Rue and I have done a mix of elopements over the years. They became very polar during the pandemic and the trend seems to be continuing. More and more couples are opting for the more intimate setting. We enjoy getting so much one on one time with the couples to explore whatever area they are eloping in. We love touring old downtown areas like downtown Jolliet, obviously Chicago, forest preserves, or even the couples own backyard.

Elopements have become more and more elaborate with time. They range from a quick courthouse setting all the way to an all out intimate ceremony for two on a mountain top. Whatever it is you are looking for we can definitely make it happen.

We would love to capture your Chicago elopement. As Chicago wedding photographers we can help you plan the best elopement location to make your day special!

Head on over to our about us page to learn more about Rue and I.

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Chicago Elopement Photographers

Fragrance Garden Wedding


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The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois provides an amazing backdrop for every occasion. The Fragrance garden provides a great space for a small outdoor wedding ceremony. There are an unlimited number of locations to do photos for engagements and couples photos before or after a ceremony. Also, tall trees, dark paths, open fields of tall grass, meadows of wild flowers, or whatever else your heart desires is here.

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Fragrance Garden Ceremony

Austin and Stuti contacted us about having us photograph their small outdoor wedding ceremony in the Fragrance Garden at Morton Arboretum. Of course knowing what we know about the facility, we jumped all over it. It was a simple ceremony with their closest family and friends. The Fragrance Garden wedding area is a small space and ideal for their needs of their day.

Everything went exactly as planned, including the beautiful music played by Harpist Dawn Bishop. The ceremony was short and sweet and family photos were taken right there in the garden.

My favorite part about The Morton Arboretum happened after the small outdoor wedding ceremony at the Fragrance Garden wedding area. Then, we took Stuti and Austin around the grounds to explore the many photo spots they have to offer to get some amazing photos of the newlywed couple. I could not even begin to explain all of the different locations Morton has to offer. Rue and I definitely have our favorites that we like to take our couples to but we always love input from our bride and groom.

Event Space – Morton Arboretum Fragrance Garden

Music – Harpist Dawn Bishop

Photography – Eight Hands Photography

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Head on over to our other blogs to find out more including the top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs.

Also check out our Morton Arboretum Engagement Sessions blog!

Fragrance Garden Wedding


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Being a Chicago based wedding photography company we have become well versed in the areas surrounding us and the local venues that we love.  An area we were not familiar with is Freeport, IL.  I have to be honest, when this couple first contacted us for their backyard wedding I definitely had to pull up a map to see where it was.  It was over a two hour drive, but man was it worth it. 

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Meet The Couple

Meet Catherine and Jake, two amazingly accomplished individuals that match their brain power with incredible personalities.  From the first day we talked to these two Rue and I knew we would be a great fit for each other.  Also, listening to their plans of bringing a backyard wedding up a few levels to a grand event with the finest details made me want to capture it even more.  

The Groom

Jake made my job so easy.  From the second I stepped into the room I felt like we were on the same page.  He was so laid back, even though he tried to tell me he was nervous.  Nothing seemed to bother him and his go with the flow mentality made the entire event go so smoothly.  There is so much going on during these times and so much to think about but he took every minute he could to truly enjoy the time with his groomsmen and appreciate everything that was taking place.

The Bride

Catherine was equally as laid back and go with the flow.  The only times I remember seeing her without a smile on her face were the times we asked her for a more serious look for a photo.  Even then, I think she really struggled turning that smile off, and that thing was contagious.  Every person from bridesmaids, to parents, to guests, and vendors couldn’t help but grin every time she walked by.  

The Wedding Day

The day was flawless of course, but that was not by accident.  Alexandra and Brianna from Weddings by Danica were on site to coordinate everything.  They handled everything like the true professionals they are.  We appreciate great coordinators and so did Catherine and Jake.  Catherine said, “They both did a fantastic job directing everyone both days! I highly recommend them to anyone that’s looking for a day of coordinator!”  

Also, what backyard wedding reception is complete without a great MC?  Catherine and Jake hired DJ Harsh as their DJ and I have to say out of all the weddings I have been to, Harsh is amazing.  His personality, style, and ability to make the party happen was incredible.  He was there the entire time to help us make announcements and get everyone on the dance floor when it was time.  Catherine said, “DJ Harsh! He stayed on for an extra hour and even stayed to enjoy the party. He did a great job making sure our music was how we wanted it! It was a pleasure working with him!”

Free Advice

After the wedding dust has settled and the bride and groom come down off their wedding day high we like to take a minute to ask them how things went and what advice they have for future brides and grooms.  

What was your favorite part about wedding planning?

Watching everything and everyone come together at the end. I was really impressed with our vendors!

What advice do you have for future brides and grooms?

It’s never too early to start planning!

What is your favorite memory of the day itself?

Walking down isle and seeing Jake there.

Vendor List

Every single wedding we photograph is unique.  Some may be at the same venue or use the same vendors but there are always little things that make it stand out in its own way.  Take the time to plan your day and surround yourself with quality vendors that will make your wedding day memories even better.  

Coordinators – Weddings by Danica

Photography – Eight Hands Photography

Hair & Make-up – Studio 218

DJ Service – DJ Harsh

Florist – Deininger Floral Shop

Rentals – North Park Rental Co.

Caterer – Hilldale Deli

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Backyard Chicago Wedding