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We met Angie and Jose in the beginning of the year to start talking about their rustic farmhouse wedding plans. Their laid back vibes and detail oriented approach to wedding planning made us an easy fit for one another. The couple’s primary focus was enjoying the day with their closest family and friends.

When they said they were planning to have their wedding at The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue we knew everything was going to be incredible. The rustic wedding venue in Plainfield, IL has made a couple other appearances on your blogs including The Farmhouse Plainfield and Top Wedding Venues in The Chicago Suburbs.

Details | Plainfield IL Rustic Farmhouse Wedding

Getting Ready & First-Touch | Plainfield IL Rustic Farmhouse Wedding

The Farmhouse Plainfield makes it easy to get great “getting ready” photos. This couple decided to go with a first touch instead of a first look. I think they were able to get everything they wanted for their rustic farmhouse wedding.

Ceremony | Plainfield IL Wedding

Portraits | Plainfield IL Wedding

Reception | Plainfield IL Wedding

You should go check out The Farmhouse Plainfield for your rustic farmhouse wedding!

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Let’s chat to go over your photography plans!

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Elegance at a Rustic Farmhouse Wedding

The Farmhouse Plainfield


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NEW PHOTOS OF ADDITIONAL SPACESThe first thing most couples do when they get engaged is pick a potential wedding date. Next, they start the search for the perfect wedding venue. Some couples even have their dream wedding venue picked out prior to the engagement. You can do anything from all-inclusive to pick your every detail with separate vendors. Either way, most brides and grooms start their wedding vision at the physical location where their wedding will take place. That’s where The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue comes in.

We want to capture your day at The Farmhouse Plainfield IL! Let’s chat!

The Farmhouse Plainfield
The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue Reception Area

The Farmhouse Plainfield

The Farmhouse Plainfield IL wedding venue sits on 10 acres of land in Plainfield, Illinois. The grounds are so meticulously maintained that I feel you don’t even need to bring in many floral decorations. They have taken so much time to plan and make the space perfect from any angle. It really is a wedding photographers dream.

The 10 acre property includes:

  • Main event space for up to 200 guests
  • Indoor & outdoor access to the bar
  • Multiple outdoor fireplaces
  • Second bar building
  • Massive outdoor patio areas
  • An incredible outdoor ceremony location
  • Bridal Suite
  • Groom’s suite
  • Multiple rustic buildings

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Bride & Grooms suite

Bridal Suite

The bridal suite is an expansive space set up just for that. Salon style chairs with a full wall of mirrors make this the perfect spot for every bride, bridesmaid, and every other person involved to get ready. Also, access to a beautiful outdoor patio gives you that space to relax. You need this before one of the busiest and best days of your life. Since we are always looking at things from the photography eye, I should take the time to say that the amount of natural light in the suite makes our lives so much easier and your photos that much better!

Farmhouse Plainfield Bridal Suite

Groom’s suite

So many wedding venues have great bridal suites, but so many forget to take care of the guys too. The Farmhouse did not forget the guys when they planned their space. They have the entire second floor of the original farmhouse on the property. When I walked into the space you could tell they took a lot of time to make it incredible. When you walk up to the second floor you have access to three large rooms and a massive full bathroom with a shower. The rooms are set up with great natural light coming through the windows as well as that perfect lounge feel for the guys to get ready and relax before the wedding begins.

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Outdoor Ceremony

The ceremony is where it all starts. This is probably where the bride and groom will see each other for the first time, where they will say I do, and where they will be announced for the first time as mr. and mrs. That, to me, makes this one of the most important spaces when planning your wedding. Outdoor ceremonies are definitely my favorite. You can’t beat the light that the sun provides. The Farmhouse has that same mentality, it’s obvious in their design of the space. From the stone pavers, to the massive fireplace as a centerpiece, to the beautiful landscaping, every angle looks like a fairytale wedding.

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Outdoor Grounds

If you aren’t careful you could probably spend an entire wedding just walking around the property admiring all of the flowers, trees, and rustic buildings The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue has to offer. We have seen the outbuildings used as cigar bars, bars, and just general hangout spaces. The possibilities seem unlimited. With all of the fireplaces, patio string lights, and outdoor sitting areas we have seen a lot of the guests end up spending their evening enjoying the outdoors.

The Farmhouse Plainfield | Reception Space

The main event building is a massive 7000 square foot building with room for up to 200 guests to sit and eat. Enormous sliding barn doors lead into a space with so many windows and incredibly tall ceilings that impress everyone when they first walk in. There is plenty of space for everyone to sit and still have a dance floor where everyone can enjoy their night. Food can be served from their gourmet chef’s kitchen area so you don’t have to take up your party space and the massive bar keeps all of the guests well hydrated.

Time to plan

The staff at The Farmhouse Plainfield Il is available for continuous cleaning during your event. Wedding stylist/coordinators are available to make your day perfect. It’s obvious that the owner loves his facility and cares about the couples because he is usually on site the day of the event. You don’t get those personal touches everywhere.

The Farmhouse Plainfield Il is a wedding photographers ideal place to capture a wedding.

You really should take the time to consider having your wedding at The Farmhouse!

For all The Farmhouse Plainfield pricing or The Farmhouse Plainfield cost just reach out to them.

Let’s set up a time to talk so we can be there with you!

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The Farmhouse Wedding Venue, 12729 Naperville Rd, Plainfield, IL 60585

Go and give them a call at (815) 210-2980 and book with them soon! I am sure their 2024 and 2025 wedding dates are booking up extremely fast!

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The Farmhouse Plainfield Wedding Venue

Chicago Wedding Photo


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Elopements are unique in todays world. There is a constant want for these massive parties with all the bells and whistles. Elopements take the outside pressure off and just concentrate on the couple and what they are there for, each other. Without the pressure of a prefect party and 300 happy guests they can truly be with one another and create a meaningful intimate ceremony. I love huge weddings, but I also love these intimate events.

Rue and I have done a mix of elopements over the years. They became very polar during the pandemic and the trend seems to be continuing. More and more couples are opting for the more intimate setting. We enjoy getting so much one on one time with the couples to explore whatever area they are eloping in. We love touring old downtown areas like downtown Jolliet, obviously Chicago, forest preserves, or even the couples own backyard.

Elopements have become more and more elaborate with time. They range from a quick courthouse setting all the way to an all out intimate ceremony for two on a mountain top. Whatever it is you are looking for we can definitely make it happen.

We would love to capture your Chicago elopement. As Chicago wedding photographers we can help you plan the best elopement location to make your day special!

Head on over to our about us page to learn more about Rue and I.

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo
Chicago Wedding Photo

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Chicago Elopement Photographers

Fragrance Garden Wedding


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The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois provides an amazing backdrop for every occasion. The Fragrance garden provides a great space for a small outdoor wedding ceremony. There are an unlimited number of locations to do photos for engagements and couples photos before or after a ceremony. Also, tall trees, dark paths, open fields of tall grass, meadows of wild flowers, or whatever else your heart desires is here.

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Fragrance Garden Ceremony

Austin and Stuti contacted us about having us photograph their small outdoor wedding ceremony in the Fragrance Garden at Morton Arboretum. Of course knowing what we know about the facility, we jumped all over it. It was a simple ceremony with their closest family and friends. The Fragrance Garden wedding area is a small space and ideal for their needs of their day.

Everything went exactly as planned, including the beautiful music played by Harpist Dawn Bishop. The ceremony was short and sweet and family photos were taken right there in the garden.

My favorite part about The Morton Arboretum happened after the small outdoor wedding ceremony at the Fragrance Garden wedding area. Then, we took Stuti and Austin around the grounds to explore the many photo spots they have to offer to get some amazing photos of the newlywed couple. I could not even begin to explain all of the different locations Morton has to offer. Rue and I definitely have our favorites that we like to take our couples to but we always love input from our bride and groom.

Event Space – Morton Arboretum Fragrance Garden

Music – Harpist Dawn Bishop

Photography – Eight Hands Photography

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

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Fragrance Garden Wedding


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Being a Chicago based wedding photography company we have become well versed in the areas surrounding us and the local venues that we love.  An area we were not familiar with is Freeport, IL.  I have to be honest, when this couple first contacted us for their backyard wedding I definitely had to pull up a map to see where it was.  It was over a two hour drive, but man was it worth it. 

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Meet The Couple

Meet Catherine and Jake, two amazingly accomplished individuals that match their brain power with incredible personalities.  From the first day we talked to these two Rue and I knew we would be a great fit for each other.  Also, listening to their plans of bringing a backyard wedding up a few levels to a grand event with the finest details made me want to capture it even more.  

The Groom

Jake made my job so easy.  From the second I stepped into the room I felt like we were on the same page.  He was so laid back, even though he tried to tell me he was nervous.  Nothing seemed to bother him and his go with the flow mentality made the entire event go so smoothly.  There is so much going on during these times and so much to think about but he took every minute he could to truly enjoy the time with his groomsmen and appreciate everything that was taking place.

The Bride

Catherine was equally as laid back and go with the flow.  The only times I remember seeing her without a smile on her face were the times we asked her for a more serious look for a photo.  Even then, I think she really struggled turning that smile off, and that thing was contagious.  Every person from bridesmaids, to parents, to guests, and vendors couldn’t help but grin every time she walked by.  

The Wedding Day

The day was flawless of course, but that was not by accident.  Alexandra and Brianna from Weddings by Danica were on site to coordinate everything.  They handled everything like the true professionals they are.  We appreciate great coordinators and so did Catherine and Jake.  Catherine said, “They both did a fantastic job directing everyone both days! I highly recommend them to anyone that’s looking for a day of coordinator!”  

Also, what backyard wedding reception is complete without a great MC?  Catherine and Jake hired DJ Harsh as their DJ and I have to say out of all the weddings I have been to, Harsh is amazing.  His personality, style, and ability to make the party happen was incredible.  He was there the entire time to help us make announcements and get everyone on the dance floor when it was time.  Catherine said, “DJ Harsh! He stayed on for an extra hour and even stayed to enjoy the party. He did a great job making sure our music was how we wanted it! It was a pleasure working with him!”

Free Advice

After the wedding dust has settled and the bride and groom come down off their wedding day high we like to take a minute to ask them how things went and what advice they have for future brides and grooms.  

What was your favorite part about wedding planning?

Watching everything and everyone come together at the end. I was really impressed with our vendors!

What advice do you have for future brides and grooms?

It’s never too early to start planning!

What is your favorite memory of the day itself?

Walking down isle and seeing Jake there.

Vendor List

Every single wedding we photograph is unique.  Some may be at the same venue or use the same vendors but there are always little things that make it stand out in its own way.  Take the time to plan your day and surround yourself with quality vendors that will make your wedding day memories even better.  

Coordinators – Weddings by Danica

Photography – Eight Hands Photography

Hair & Make-up – Studio 218

DJ Service – DJ Harsh

Florist – Deininger Floral Shop

Rentals – North Park Rental Co.

Caterer – Hilldale Deli

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Backyard Chicago Wedding


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It is always fun hanging new photos on the wall. A new memory has been created, preserved, and now hung on the wall to tell the story for as long as it is there. The funny thing about these memories turned into art is that at different times in our lives different memories will hold more importance than others. Your life will change and so will the artwork you show off on your walls. As pets and kids get older the photos will be replaced with more current versions that hold more relevance in your current world.

The exception to this rule is wedding photos. Wedding photos don’t typically get updated because it is a one time event. There aren’t any newer versions to replace them with, I hope. That, to me, is the biggest reason why couples invest so much more into wedding photos than any other photos in their lives.

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Preserving these memories happens in many different ways. As you know, Rue and I preach backing your photos up in many different places. That is a big reason why we started including USB photo delivery, to add another layer of back-up on top of our cloud back-up we provide. One of the other preservation techniques is printing the photos that are most important to you.

There are many places to print photos but they are not all the same. Ensuring that your print company uses the highest quality photo paper is one of the most important steps. We have tried several different labs and have not been happy with the results until the lab we use now. They use high quality paper and printers to ensure that the photos can last 100 years or more without color loss or degrading.

Equally as important is mounting your photos the proper way. This is a several step process that can be very time consuming but it ensures that your photos are preserved the proper way and will reduce any problems later on. Simple things like the wrong tape can eat away at your photo over time or lose their adhesive qualities and drop the photo inside the frame.

Every collection that we provide comes with the photos you select mounted on proper, acid free backing with acid free tape and are finished with a dust cover to help keep your photo clean and clear for the next 100 years.

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Preserving Your Investment

Chicagoland Beachfront Engagement Session

Engagement Session

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For more location types besides the Chicago beachfront engagement session go check out our favorite engagement photo location types.

When most couples are choosing a wedding photographer they, understandably so, decide using the portfolio of several different companies.  It’s not often the case that we get to come face to face with our prospective clients so that our personalities and photography work make the first impression at the same time.  This is usually only the case at wedding expo’s.  We don’t typically do them but at the beginning of this year we decided to give one a try.  Between Rue’s design skills catching passerby’s eyes and my ability to talk someone’s ear off until they are forced to pretend to like me, we stood a decent chance.  This ended in some amazing Chicago beachfront engagement photos!

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

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Chicagoland Beachfront Engagement Photos

First Impressions | Chicago Beachfront Engagement

That expo is where we met Kendella.  We chatted for quite a while and I knew instantly that we were going to get along great.  You meet so many people at expos that it is sometimes hard to remember every personality. So I put her at the top of my list to contact as soon as possible. 

Anyone who knows how we run Eight Hands knows that we love to send video texts. This helps us introduce ourselves and show our faces.  I made my video for Kendella just hoping I would hear back from her and have the opportunity to work for her.  For the first, and still the last time to this date, Kendella responded unlike any other client has before.  She responded with a video message of her own.  That right there sealed the deal for me. I didn’t care what needed to happen. I wanted to be a part of her wedding day.

Second Impressions? | Chicago Beachfront Engagement

Screening clients through multiple methods prior to booking helps Rue and I make sure that it is a couple we really want to work with.  We spend so much time getting to know our couples that we need to really like them.  We don’t buy into the volume business models but invest heavily in quality.  Quality comes from making our couples comfortable with us and in front of the camera.  From comfortability comes trust, then real moments.  From real moments comes beautiful candid memories from your wedding day.

We chatted with Kendella and William over a group text after the initial consult to nail down engagement dates and locations.  After a lot of discussion they decided on Kemil beach.  My favorite couples are the couples that include each other in the decision making processes just like Kendella and William.  After a few more phone calls discussing the location, timeline, and outfit/session pointers, we were ready to shoot.  

William was pretty quiet on the phone calls/texts/zoom meetings. I didn’t have a good handle on who he was as a person yet.  From the second we started talking at the beach, prior to the engagement session, I felt like I connected with him.  He was genuine (my favorite, and pretty rare, human quality), happy, and truly in love with Kendella.  You could see his joy through every little and big smile he sent her way.   The two of them said they had really never been photographed professionally so getting them comfortable was number one.  I won’t give away all of our tricks but there was plenty of talking and games. This helps us to create the real moments that we try so hard for.

Chicago Beachfront Engagement Photos

The session was incredible as you can see for yourself.  How could it not be? Kendella and William are so happy, so in love, and so beautiful together.  Meeting up with them to reveal their  engagement photos and build their engagement album just solidified my feelings toward all the time we put into making them as comfortable as possible on their engagement session.  They were so happy with the result and told me numerous times how much fun it was and how happy they were that it wasn’t awkward.  We can’t wait to capture their wedding day in October and hope to continue our friendship long beyond their wedding day.

The Takeaway

I guess my summary of this post could have been left at the above paragraph but I still feel like I haven’t hit the important things I really wanted to get out to the future clients or others browsing our site.  The big takeaway I want everyone to have here is that your wedding photographer should be so much more than just a wedding day photographer. 

I know I am biased but I truly believe it is one of, if not the, most important aspects of your day.  Photographs and video are the only documentation of the entire day.  That can’t be left to just anyone, or someone you don’t know or trust.  Get to know the actual photographer that will be there on your wedding day, not some random person assigned by a big company.  If they aren’t interested in getting to know you, are they really interested in your wedding?

If beachfront isn’t your style go check out our other location recommendations!

This Location: Kemil Beach

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Chicago Beachfront Engagement Session

Engagement Session

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It was a long drive to Libertyville but well worth it in the end.

Rue and I had never heard of Independence Grove, much less been there. We have our favorite locations that we recommend to clients when they don’t have anything in mind but occasionally couples have their own plans already. We love the challenge of a spot we have never been before. It pushes us artistically and ultimately makes us better in the end. One of the best parts about this job is that every session is different. Even if we are at a location we have been to twenty times in the past something is always different. The couple is different, the weather is different, the lighting is different, and sometimes even the location looks a little different.

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Sam and Chris picked this location because it was close to home and they loved the spot. Being so far away we used google maps and the locations website to get a good lay of the land before the session. We typically like to visit new locations before a session but this one was just too far away. Instead we relied on technology and then arrived an hour early to scope it out and come up with our game plan. Rain was going to be moving in right at the end of our session so we knew our time was limited.

For more location types go check out our favorite engagement photo location types.

These two decided to go with the Local Explorers Engagement session which gave us more time with them and them the opportunity to change into another outfit for two different looks. Rue loves these sessions because couples really get to express their personalities through multiple outfits. The casual, real person look, and then the formal wear for your living room wall look.

We can’t wait for more challenges ahead with new locations and couples. Where do you want to take us?

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Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Independence Grove Engagement Session

Morton Arboretum Engagement

Engagement Session

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Morton Arboretum Engagement photo sessions are just magical!

The Morton Arboretum holds a special place in our hearts. We have been there many times over the years but the most memorable time was when we had Cora’s one year old photos taken there. Every time we drive past the location it brings me back in time. Every couple we bring through there gets to hear us get all sappy describing what it was like and how we miss those times.

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Morton Arboretum Engagement

The Meet-up | Morton Arboretum

Ashley and Joe were no different. First, we met them at the gates and they hopped in with us for the tour around Morton Arboretum. Of course, we then bored them with the story of our daughters one year old photos. It is always an interesting conversation because I remember what I was like before I had kids. Hearing about other peoples kids was tiring! They didn’t seem put off by it at all though.

For more location types go check out our favorite engagement photo location types.

The best part about a Morton Arboretum engagement photo session is that you can drive around this park and having almost every look any couple could ever want in one session. Do you want photos in the woods? Morton Arboretum has that! Do you want photos by water/ponds? Morton Arboretum has that! Do you want tall grass or meadows filled with flowers? Morton Arboretum also has that! The possibilities of this place are endless.

Summary | Morton Arboretum Engagement

We definitely have our favorite locations but we are always up for something different. If you are up for an adventure, let us know! Go check out Morton Arboretum!

If you want to see some other locations, go check out our 6 Stunning Chicago Locations for Engagement Photos blog post.

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Morton Arboretum Engagement Photo Session


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What is the difference between a Photo Album and a Photo Book?

Photo Album and Photo Book may sound like an interchangeable term but they definitely are not.  There are a few very slight differences but also some very large differences.  Let’s first start out by saying I am only going to talk about the differences and similarities specific to the ones that we offer.  There are so many print labs out there that may define them in different ways so instead of confusing you and myself, I’ll stick to what I know best.  

If you need more inspiration go check out our Top wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs!

Photo Albums

I decided to start with the showstopper first.  Photo albums are the masterpieces you will find on our previous clients tabletops for all to see.  Couples invest in their wedding album knowing that it will be seen by everyone that comes through their home for years to come.  

Album Sizes – 8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, and 12” x 12”

Album Cover Material – Linen or Leather

Album Colors 

Linen – Black or Oatmeal

Leather – Black, White, Gray, Distressed Sand, Midnight Blue, Distressed Cappuccino

Album Pages – 20-50 thick pages

Photo Albums are a great investment for long term use because they are printed on super high quality photo paper and mounted to think pages that don’t bend or fade.  With the lay flat feature of the album you can print panoramic photos across the entire spread for a grand effect.  You have the option to finish off the album with embossing and foil stamping in a variety of colors.  

Photo Books

Photo books, while similar, have a much different purpose.  Photo books in the wedding industry are used mainly for sign in books for the day of the wedding.  They are bound more like traditional books and usually offer a full photo cover.  They are printed on very high quality paper but it is not photo paper.  They are better suited for writing on than the albums because the photo paper of albums will make the ink smear.

Book sizes – 5”x 7”, 8”x 8”, 8.5”x 11”, 10”x 10”, and 12”x 12”

Book cover material – Hardcover Photo

Book pages – up to 120 pages

Outside of using these for guest sign in books we also use these in our house to print yearly books for the kids.  They handle the abuse of the kids and are a smaller investment for something that may be destroyed by little hands or written on by guests at a wedding.  

The album has a more reflective surface because of the photo paper
Here you can see the difference in the thickness of the books.

There you have it, a simple breakdown of the differences.  Rue and I are here to help answer any and all questions you have about these things.  We keep trying to acquire more and more sample albums so we can share them with you at the reveal to give you every option.  We can’t wait to sit down with every client and design the perfect album or book.

Left – Photo Book, Middle – 8″ Linen Album, Right – 10″ Leather Album

Eight Hands Photography – Artistic Chicago Wedding Photographers

Photo Albums vs Photo Books